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The joint is a dynamic complex comprised of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and bone.  Nothing acts alone and all have influence on other tissues and systems of the body.  Everything in the body is dynamically connected.  Everything is assessed and treated with consideration to function of all the parts.

Spinal Manipulation


This is the most commonly employed technique.  It is used to deeply release and stretch the joint capsule.  When joints become stuck or fixated, a quick and precise stretch is required to mobilize the ligaments of the joint.  Muscular problems can often be recurring if the joint it moves and supports is not functioning properly.  SMT restores joint function.

Extremity Manipulation
The movement of the spine and movement of the extremities are not separate.  Underlying joint dysfunctions are very commonly found in extremity joints.  For instance, the shoulder, upper back and neck all move together. Dysfunction of one component often leads to problems with others.
Tool-Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy
This technique is used on muscles and ligaments that are heavily scarred from repetitive injury.  The intention is to break down scar tissue and to stimulate local inflammation for tissue remodeling.    
Active Soft Tissue Release        
The practitioner uses a deep touch while the patient actively lengthens the structure.  This technique is used along with a functional understanding of anatomy to release muscle, tendons, and nerves from other structures that may be adhered and fibrotic.
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