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What To Expect

Upon scheduling your first visit you will receive an email that will direct you to a patient portal in which you will be asked to fill out an initial intake and consent forms. You may also upload any relevant imaging reports pertaining to your region of concern. Please wear or bring clothes that will appropriately expose the area of treatment. 


The initial doctor-patient encounter will last 45 minutes to one hour, depending on the complexity of the case.  Subsequent visits will be shorter, according to individual patient needs.  The goal of the first visit is to fully assess and identify the specific tissue structures that may be causing the pain.  The doctor will start by taking a thorough history followed by a comprehensive, functional exam.  The examination and treatment process is an interactive experience, designed to enhance patient awareness of any underlying dysfunction.


The doctor will then render the necessary treatment after explaining the purpose and nature of the treatment modalities used.


A review of the case findings will follow, which includes informing the patient of the cause of symptoms, why the dysfunction is there, and what the doctor and patient must do to correct it.


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