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Whole Food Supplements

The chiropractic method places a demand on the body to create a positive mechanical and neurological change.  Muscles are stretched and strengthened, scar tissue disrupted, neural pathways changed, and joints released.   In doing so, as with any physical practice, tissues are required to break down, remodel, and heal.  Tissue regeneration requires building materials so that functional cells can divide and integrate into tissues.  The quality of building material determines the functionality of that tissue, whether it be muscle, bone, heart, blood vessel, endocrine organ, etc.  Whole foods from an environment that the human body is well adapted to are the required materials.  Unfortunately, most of the foods produced in this country are grown for quantity and not for quality.  They are from depleted soils, sprayed or injected with chemicals and not allowed to mature an immune system that would produce the phytonutrients we need.  Unless you know your farmer is truly organic or your food source is from your own yard, whole food supplementation is necessary if one is to expect an optimal and natural healing response.

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