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Healthy Digestion

It is easy to ignore the importance of healthy digestion.  The industrialized food diet most commonly consumed today is very difficult to digest.  Processed sugars, dairy products, excessive omega-6 fatty acids, flour and other processed grains are especially irritating to the human digestive tract, resulting in chronic inflammation, poor microfloral balance, reduced immune function, and nutrient mal-absorption.  If a significant portion of our diet includes these pro-inflammatory foods, it will hinder nutrient absorption even when we intend to eat healthier foods.  The liver, gall bladder, pancreas, and other organs become burdened and over-worked.  Transitioning to a Mediterranean diet along with periodic cleansing and specific whole food supplimentation can return your digestion back to a natural balance.  With improved digestion, treatment of other nutritional deficiences is much more effective.

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